Industrial, Product and Graphical Design Students needed for Social Design Project at Faircap

Expires in 3 days

Faircap is a small social company developing solutions to humanitarian and social development challenges using design and technlogy thru a collaborative approach. Our first product is a very small water purification device in the shape of a bottle cap that screws into a standard plastic bottle and that allows people to purify contaminated water from rivers, lakes, wells or ponds instantly. Our vision is to provide fair access to clean drinking water to billions of people in the world. Our solutions are easy to use, low cost and effective. Faircap started as a collaborative maker project, we received funding from the Humanitarian Innovation Fund and UK Aid and are collaborating with large and small NGOs, as well as companies that care about the environment and want to generate a positive social impact.

We are looking for interns to achieve our mission as we need to develop new solutions, solve new challenges, document our work and publish our findings as well as find new ways to make the project self sustainable thru traditional channels and new channels such as direct to consumer and social media.

We are a very small, but very agile and innovative organization. We have a small lab space in Barcelona and are looking for highly motivated, responsible, creative students and young professionals to join us for a period from 3 to 12 months. We are looking to create a space where creativity and innovation meets top talent and new technologies to drive radical social change. Students with skills and/or experience in design, prototyping, product development, graphic design, packaging, social entrepreneurship, online marketing, digital development (Apps) will be most welcome.

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