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Kristian, Manager

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At KPMG, we are specialists within technology, business and finance. We are one of the fastest growing professional services firms in Denmark, with more than 600 employees and partners working together across audit, advisory and tax. Our consultants and auditors make a difference by providing cutting-edge and innovative solutions for our many clients.

You, the talent

You are a business or engineering student, and your dream is to become a consultant or auditor in an ambitious firm with passionate colleagues. You are a trailblazer. You relish working in teams. You thrive on responsibility. You spot opportunities where others see clouds in the sky. You adapt effortlessly in an energetic workplace. You are fluent in written and spoken English. You come to work in the morning with your heart in your chest and an ace up your sleeve. You are already planning how to phrase your application, so what are you waiting for?

Meet Anouska Wage, Graduate 2015

"From day one of the Graduate Programme, you are taught to listen to ideas. In any work environment as international as KPMG, perspectives and ideas will vary. It is important that everyone feels their opinions matter. If they do not, people grow less inclined to share ideas with each other. For this reason, KPMG fosters a flat hierarchy. We are all a team where no one feels better than the rest. Everybody can make a difference".